How Many Goals Has Messi Scored?

How Many Goals Has Messi Scored?

Have you ever wondered how many goals one of the greatest footballers of all time has scored throughout his illustrious career?

Lionel Messi’s journey on the field has been nothing short of extraordinary, marked by numerous records and achievements. From his early days at Barcelona to his recent stint at Paris Saint-Germain, Messi’s goal-scoring prowess has left fans and critics alike in awe. As you ponder the magnitude of his impact on the sport, one question lingers – just how many goals has Messi netted so far? Checkout Inter Miami’s Success Stories

Stay tuned to uncover the fascinating numbers behind his remarkable goal-scoring legacy.

Early Career Goals at Barcelona

  • During his early career at Barcelona, Messi scored a remarkable number of goals that set the stage for his future success in the world of football. Coming up through the ranks of Barcelona’s famed youth academy, La Masia, Messi developed his goal-scoring techniques from a young age. His time in the youth setup provided him with the necessary skills and mindset to thrive on the field.
  • Messi’s goal-scoring techniques during his early years at Barcelona were a combination of his natural talent and the guidance he received from experienced coaches at the academy. He displayed incredible agility, dribbling skills, and a keen eye for goal, making him a standout player even amongst his peers.
  • The youth academy not only honed Messi’s physical abilities but also instilled in him the importance of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. These values, coupled with his innate goal-scoring instincts, laid the foundation for his record-breaking achievements in the years to come. Messi’s early success at Barcelona was a testament to his exceptional talent and the effective development strategies employed at the club’s youth academy.
How Many Goals Has Messi Scored?
How Many Goals Has Messi Scored?

Records Broken at Barcelona

  • Breaking numerous records, Messi’s time at Barcelona was marked by unprecedented success and unmatched achievements. When it comes to goal scoring milestones, Messi shattered the all-time Barcelona goal-scoring record previously held by Cesar Rodriguez. His ability to find the back of the net consistently not only set a new benchmark at the club but also redefined what was thought possible in terms of goal-scoring prowess.
  • Moreover, Messi’s impact on team success can’t be understated. During his tenure, Barcelona enjoyed a period of dominance both domestically and in Europe, winning numerous La Liga titles and Champions League trophies. His goals often proved to be the difference in crucial matches, carrying the team on his shoulders when needed most.

International Goals for Argentina

  • Messi has scored a remarkable number of goals for Argentina’s national team, showcasing his exceptional talent on the international stage. With 76 goals in 151 appearances for his country, he’s been a pivotal player for Argentina, especially in prestigious tournaments like the World Cup and Copa America. In World Cup competitions, Messi has netted 6 goals across four tournaments, with his first goal coming in the 2006 World Cup against Serbia and Montenegro. Despite his numerous achievements, winning a World Cup title has eluded him so far.
  • In Copa America, Messi has been a standout performer, scoring 13 goals in the tournament’s history. He played a crucial role in Argentina’s Copa America victories in 2021, leading the team to glory and securing his first major international trophy. His ability to perform consistently at the highest level for his national team solidifies his status as one of the greatest footballers of all time.

Recent Goals at Paris Saint-Germain

  • Scoring consistently since his arrival, Messi has showcased his goal-scoring prowess at Paris Saint-Germain. The transfer impact of Messi to PSG has been monumental, injecting a new level of attacking threat to the team. His presence hasn’t only boosted the morale of the squad but has also provided a world-renowned footballing brain that elevates the team’s overall performance.
  • Team dynamics at PSG have shifted with Messi’s incorporation into the squad. His seamless integration into the team has been remarkable, forming strong partnerships with other key players like Neymar and Mbappe. This has resulted in a more cohesive attacking unit, with Messi often at the heart of intricate build-up play that leads to goals.
  • Messi’s recent goals at PSG haven’t only been about quantity but also quality, showcasing his ability to score in crucial moments. His impact goes beyond just putting the ball into the back of the net; Messi has become a pivotal figure in PSG’s tactical approach, dictating play and creating opportunities for his teammates.

Total Career Goals Tally

  • With Messi’s significant impact on Paris Saint-Germain’s recent goal-scoring performances, it’s imperative to now focus on his total career goals tally to truly grasp the extent of his scoring prowess. Lionel Messi’s career has been nothing short of extraordinary, with him consistently breaking records and setting new standards in the world of football. His ability to find the back of the net with precision and flair has led to numerous hat trick milestones throughout his career, showcasing his unmatched talent and scoring instincts.
  • Moreover, Messi’s dominance in front of goal has also translated into multiple Golden Boot achievements, where he’s been recognized as the top goal scorer in various competitions. These accolades not only highlight his individual brilliance but also underscore his importance to the teams he’s played for over the years. As fans eagerly track Messi’s goal-scoring exploits, one thing remains certain – his total career goals tally is a testament to his unparalleled skill and dedication to the beautiful game.


So, in conclusion, Messi has scored a staggering total of over 700 career goals. From his early days at Barcelona to his recent success at Paris Saint-Germain, he’s consistently proven himself as one of the greatest goal scorers of all time. Breaking records left and right, both domestically and internationally, Messi’s goal-scoring prowess is truly unmatched. With his skill, determination, and passion for the game, there’s no telling how many more goals he’ll add to his impressive tally in the future.

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